Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'


The added value of MyDiagnostick
MyDiagnostick is very easy to use and has no buttons or parameters to be set.

When picking up  MyDiagnostick the device automatically switches on and is ready for use. After only one minute of ECG recording (Lead I), AF diagnosis is completed and shown to the patient or physician. MyDiagnostick will turn either red or green to indicate AF or non-AF. After completion, MyDiagnostick will automatically switch off. This is in contrast with current Holter and event recorders that use ECG skin electrodes connected by wires to the recording device worn on the belt of the patient. After placement of the electrodes and connecting the wires, the device must be set and started. This requires assistance by a medical professional and prohibits long-term autonomous use by the patient.
Due to the intuitive nature of MyDiagnostick, an AF test can be started within a few seconds and repeated several times a day over a long time period (months). MyDiagnostick has a diagnostic function for detection of AF built into the device. Compared to other telemedicine solutions, there is no need for communication to a base station to execute the AF analysis. MyDiagnostick concept does not depend on any infrastructure and therefore can be used anywhere, anytime by everybody.

The cost related to a 24-hour Holter recording, including patient guidance and analysis of the result varies between $152 and $168. The MyDiagnostick can be used for extended monitoring (months) of several patients with minimal cost for patient guidance, external diagnostics and without the need for additional logistics.
MyDiagnostick facilitates storage of 140 ECGs and over thousand of measurement results  that can be displayed and printed by simply connecting MyDiagnostick to a computer or laptop using an USB cable.  MyDiagnostick is a valuable extension to the diagnostic devices on the market today. MyDiagnostick has a high performance for detection of patients with (asymptomatic) episodes of AF.  MyDiagnostick does not exclude Holter analysis. Holter analysis can be used in combination with MyDiagnostick covering the first 24 hours e.g. by continuous monitoring of ischemic stroke patients followed by a longer (months) monitoring period using  MyDiagnostick.