Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'

Software & Manuals

MyDiagnostick Device Manual

The MyDiagnostick Device Manual contains important instructions for use and maintenance of MyDiagnostick devices. MyDiagnostick Medical recommends that customers read this manual carefully for best results.

Device Manual (English, PDF)

Device Manual (Dutch, PDF)

Device Manual (Italian, PDF)

Device Manual (Russian, PDF)

Device Manual (Swedish, PDF)

Device Manual (German, PDF)

Device Manual (Portugese, PDF)

MyDiagnostick Management Studio Software

MyDiagnostick Management Studio is the software for managing MyDiagnostick devices and measurement data. Management Studio currently supports 11 languages (Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish). The software contains built-in help in all supported languages.

System Requirements. Read this information to check if your computer can run Management Studio.

Software Installer. Download this program to install Management Studio on your computer.

User Manual (English, PDF). As of Management Studio v1.1 the user manual only describes the software installation process. Program help is part of the Management Studio software.

Release Notes (English, PDF). Read this document for more information about changes (new features, bug fixes) in various Management Studio releases.

MyDiagnostick Device Driver

This software package installs or updates the Microsoft WinUSB driver for MyDiagnostick. You will not need this software if you have installed the latest version of the Management Studio software.

Device Driver Installer (Windows 7 or later)

You should only download and run this software if instructed to do so by MyDiagnostick Medical.

Frequently Asked Questions "F.A.Q"

Please consult the "F.A.Q and Tips & Tricks" document for common questions and answers related to the use of the MyDiagnostick 1001R device and MyDiagnostick Management Studio.

F.A.Q and Tips & Tricks (PDF)