Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'

Results validation study

At the Martini Hospital in Groningen (NL),  the performance of the MyDiagnostick was evaluated.

In this study 192 patients were included (48.4%  male) who visited the cardiology outpatient clinic over a period of 6 months.

Patients were instructed to hold on to MyDiagnostick for 1 minute. The results of the MyDiagnostick were compared against a 12-lead ECG recorded simultaneously.

From these 192 patients, 53 (27.6%) were known AF patients. All these 53 patients were correctly detected by MyDiagnostick. Besides these true positive detections, also 6 false postives were found. The 12-lead ECG revealed these 6 patients as having frequent PVCs, PACs and sinus arrhythmia.

In conclusion, this study shows that in this patient group, the MyDiagnostick has a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 95.7%.