Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'

MyDiagnostick study results in Europace

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The superior AF detection performance of MyDiagnostick®, and the ease of use of the device, enables large scale screening programs for detection of undiagnosed AF 


Findings from the validation and clinical use study underpin the clinical value of MyDiagnostick®.
Maastricht May 14, 2014 - MyDiagnostick®, a novel device for detection of (asymptomatic) atrial fibrillation (AF) is presented. The MyDiagnostick® was clinically validated for performance by comparison against the 12 lead ECG interpreted by a cardiologist being accepted as the gold standard today. This study showed a sensitivity of 100% and a specificity 95.9% for detection of AF by the MyDiagnostick®. In the second part of the study the MyDiagnostick® was used to find AF patients during the influenza vaccination program (n=676). All known AF patients (n=55) were correctly diagnosed by MyDiagnostick®. In addition, 11 new AF patients were found and prescribed with anti coagulants, significantly lowering their stroke risk.

The MyDiagnostick® facilitates screening of large patient groups with minimal workload for the healthcare professional. No additional 12 lead ECG recording is required for confirmation of the diagnosis as this can be done on the ECG stored in the MyDiagnostick®. First time clinical use of the MyDiagnostick® during the regular influenza vaccination program showed a diagnostic yield of 1.6% silent AF.


Oxford Journals has published the study in Europace: (free-access)


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