Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'

The accuracy of MyDiagnostick to detect AF

Recently, MyDiagnostick was introduced as a new screening tool that can serve as an alternative for the less accurate pulse palpation. This study was designed to explore the diagnostic accuracy of MyDiagnostick for the detection of atrial fibrillation.

A phase II diagnostic accuracy study in a convenience sample of 191 subjects recruited in primary care. The majority of participants were patients with a known history of atrial fibrillation (n = 161). Readings of  MyDiagnostick were compared with electrocardiographic recordings. Sensitivity and specificity and their 95% confidence interval were calculated using 2x2 tables.

The results are in line with diagnostic accuracy found for other  screening methods and devices. By contrast the advantage of  MyDiagostick is the absence of an interpretation bias.

The place of MyDiagnostick in possible future screening programs for atrial fibrillation remains to be determined. The use of MyDiagnostick seems much more practical than electrocardiographic monitoring at home. It involves no skin electrodes or wires and the use of the device does not require any experience or medical knowledge. Furthermore, using MyDiagnostick is faster and cheaper. MyDiagnostick also has an additional advantage in comparison with a blood pressure monitor that only detects an irregular pulse.  
Since every recording is registered as a single-lead ECG, it can be consulted later on to confirm the red signal.

In terms of user friendliness, this screening tool is easily manageable in the population aged 65 or older. The patient only needs to hold the ends of the rod with both hands. The unit switches on automatically, so that also a visual limitation cannot be a restricting factor. Furthermore, holding the device with the palm of the hand up or down, holding it lightly or firmly, trembling and physical activity during use do not seem to influence the accuracy and uniformity of the results.

MyDiagnostick is an easy-to-use device that showed good diagnostic accuracy with a high sensitivity and specificity for atrial fibrillation in the convenience sample in primary care. 

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