Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'

MyDiagnostick Web Portal End of Service

Dear customer,

MyDiagnostick Medical has released MyDiagnostick Management Studio in September 2014. Since then Management Studio has gained widespread acceptance and the number of web portal users has dropped to a bare minimum. MyDiagnostick Medical will therefore discontinue the MyDiagnostick web portal service. This does not affect Management Studio users.

Termination of the web portal affects existing web portal users as follows:

  • From 3 August 2015 onwards users can no longer upload new ECGs to the MyDiagnostick web portal.

  • From 1 September 2015 onwards the web portal is no longer available to users and users can no longer logon with a web browser to view uploaded ECGs or create PDF files.

MyDiagnostick Medical strongly recommends the following action to web portal users:

  • If you wish to keep web portal ECG data after 1 September 2015, you must download this as PDF files before 1 September 2015.

MyDiagnostick Medical will archive the web portal data in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

If you have questions regarding this announcement, kindly contact MyDiagnostick Medical at

Maurice Voncken,
General Manager