Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'


MyDiagnostick, a MDD Class IIa medical device, is intended to discriminate atrial fibrillation (AF), a common arrhythmia, from normal cardiac rhythm. 

MyDiagnostick is an ECG recorder and has the shape of a stick with metallic handles (electrodes) at both ends.

The recorded ECG is of a high quality and the AF detection algorithm is highly sensitive and specific. MyDiagnostick is able to record and store over 100 ECG's.
The ECG strips stored in MyDiagnostick can be retrieved through an USB connection by the physician, enabling clinical confirmation and documentation of AF.

MyDiagnostick can be used by general practioners to detect AF in their patient population.
Also when the doctor suspects that AF is the cause of a patients symptoms or vague complaints, MyDiagnostick will allow to perform measurements outside of the doctor’s office for a longer period of time. The patient can use MyDiagnostick at home, at the office or anywhere at any time during the day. So MyDiagnostick can be used to screen for silent AF.

Furthermore MyDiagnostick can be used also by care providers like cardiologists, neurologists and nurses.
For example to assist in diagnosing the underlying cause of a stroke.