Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'


"MyDiagnostick is patient friendly"

Devices on the market today use ECG skin electrodes to be attached to the patient by medical profesionals. This prohibits autonomous use of these devices over a long monitoring period.
MyDiagnostick uses hand electrodes and by its intuitive nature can measure the ECG within seconds, several times per day over a period of weeks of months.

"MyDiagnostick is easy to use"

Use of MyDiagnostick requires no knowledge nor preparation.
 In contrast to Holter and event recorders that work with ECG skin electrodes which are connected by wires to the recording device. These ECG stickers and wires must be applied by medical personnel and connected. 
Then the Holter or event recorder device wil be configured and running. 
This makes it difficult to use thes devices for long term wear.

"MyDiagnostick can be used anywhere at anytime"

MyDiagnostick is compact and very robust. Add to this that MyDiagnostick performs the diagnostic task without preparation and is independent from power source or the peripherals,
which indicates that MyDiagnostick can be used anywhere and under any circumstance by anybody.

"MyDiagnostick is discreet"

MyDiagnostick can be used discreet without any preparation and without assistance from others.
Patients will feel comfortable to make measurements with MyDiagnostick without the impression of medical handling.