Een handige diagnose met 'MyDiagnostick'


MyDiagnostick is very easy to use.

There are no buttons to control or parameters to be set. When holding MyDiagnostick it will automatically switch on and be ready for use.

After only one minute, AF outcome is displayed by turning either red or green  and is shown to the patient or physician by MyDiagnostick.
After use, the device will switch off automatically. This is in contrast with current Holter and event recorders that use ECG skin electrodes connected by wires to the recording device. 

MyDiagnostick has a diagnostic function for detection of AF build into the device. 
MyDiagnostick does not depend on any infrastructure and therefore can be used anywhere, anytime.
It is required that a medical doctor confirms the outcome of MyDiagnostick based on the stored ECGs in MyDiagnostick.

The cost related to a 24 hour Holter ECG recording including patient guidance and analysis of the result has been estimated between US$152 and US$168.
In contrast to Holter recording, MyDiagnostick can be used for long term monitoring (months) of several patients with minimal cost for patient guidance and external diagnostics and additional logistics.

The clinical applications of MyDiagnostick for the general practioner are in the area of screening for AF and for stroke reduction. The Cardiologist can for example detect AF recurrences in Rhythm Control and also screen for AF in case of decompensation in Heart Failure.

Therefore we are  convinced that MyDiagnostick is a valuable extension to the current diagnostic devices on the market today. MyDiagnostick will have a higher performance for detection of patients with episodes of AF.

We emphasize that MyDiagnostick does not exclude Holter analysis. Holter analysis can be used in combination with MyDiagnostick for first 24 hours continuous monitoring of ischemic stroke patients, followed by a longer (months) period of monitoring by MyDiagnostick.